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In September, I had the great pleasure of talking with Cindy MacMillan on the Exploring the Seasons of Life Podcast, episode 76. The title is:  What is Feng Shui with Jillian Rothschild-Scholar

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Here’s a glimpse of our conversation:


Hi, Jillian. Thanks so much for joining me today.

2:22 So from a business perspective, exploring the seasons of life means to me the opportunity to grow and expand. From a Feng Shui perspective, what we’re aiming to do with Feng Shui is increase a person’s quotient of luck. And when we have luck, we have opportunity.

4:12 Feng Shui is the Chinese art and science of bringing harmony and balance into any environment. And when we’re in an environment that is harmonious and balanced, and makes us feel good, then it’s just easier to achieve the things that we want in life, like well-being, abundance, good health, and happiness.

9:42 So usually people come to Feng Shui for one of three things: health, wealth, or relationship issues.

11:57 Well, when it’s done correctly, it works because it connects to your personal energy. So in my practice of classical Feng Shui, what I’m doing is I’m working with the orientation of the building, I’m working with the energy of the people, and I’m working with the right timing.

16:54 So this is not a classical Feng Shui recommendation. But this is something that’s very common that you will hear all the time, we really do need to deal with our clutter. Because Feng Shui addresses, now, not cleanliness, necessarily. But when we talk about dealing with clutter, we’re addressing fullness versus emptiness.

41:52 With a Discovery Session, we can really talk about making a recommendation that’s a good fit for you. So, it really becomes a tailored experience.

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