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Chinese Metaphysics has many useful tools to enhance your life. One of the most interesting is Qi Men Dun Jia, which translates to “The Mysterious Doors Hidding the Jia”.

Can Qi Men Dun Jia be used to enhance love and relationships? Yes!

Each year there is a chart that shows the position of stars and energies in each of the 8 directional palaces.

When answering questions about love and relationships, we look to the palace that holds the Harmonies deity. Below is the chart for the Year of the Rat, starting February 4, 2020.


You can see that the Harmonies deity is in the East palace.

How do I use it to enhance love and relationships?

The key here is to look at the Star in the same palace. The Star tells you what your special someone is looking for in their relationship, regardless of what they tell you.

In this example, the Star for the Year of the Rat in the East palace is called ‘Grass’. This Star tells you that this person likes to be nurtured. Think about how you would tend to a beautiful flower in a garden. It wants to be taken care of and nurtured so that it can open up for you.

Here are a few suggestions:
You need to pay close attention to this person, make them your object of attention.
Be sure to constantly check on them.
Make sure to do extra things for them.
You become their biggest supporter! Provide water when they are thirsty, give food when they are hungry.

If you think you have found love, your mission is to win this person’s heart. In 2020, this is one of the things you can do to demonstrate your devotion.

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