“What is the meaning of life? To be happy and useful.” ~the Dalai Lama

One of the great things about being intuitive is that it helps people open up and go deep quickly. There are usually strong emotions around vulnerability, shame, fear and hope involved with the reason that a client has called for help. That never gets boring for me! Everyone has a unique and precious story and I feel honored to share in their journey.

In our lives we spend a good amount of time asking the most fundamental questions: “Why am I here? To what end and for what purpose? What am I supposed to be doing right now?”

We all have an inherent desire to be useful. Think about that for one moment and breathe while you think about it. In your life, you do something incredibly useful and important! But there are times when that may not feel fulfilling because what you are doing may not be what your heart is yearning for.

This is why in my work I always focus on where we are, right here and now. Sometimes it is easy to lose sight of our present reality. We can be of service to others, not just by noting what we can do for someone else but by actually doing it. To put it another way, as the Dalai Lama so wisely said, being useful.

So often we think of “being useful,’ as something massive – something newsworthy – something extraordinary. That is not really true and we know it. Even people on a spiritual path, such as monks or nuns, are tasked with being useful to the temple or the grounds or to care for others. Those are every day kinds of activities. We may never see them. Does that make that person useless? Not at all.

I believe that great and lofty acts are built on a daily practice and awareness. Our first steps in being useful are usually close to home. Small actions that make someone else feel seen, heard, acknowledged, loved, and important. It could be calling your parent just to say, “Hi, I was thinking about you and I love you.” It could be smiling at the nice young man the grocery checkout because smiles are free. It could be picking up some trash on your walk around the neighborhood and throwing it away properly.

The interesting thing about feeling useful or useless is that it is rooted in your heart’s true intention. You actually have to be conscious about your actions. People know when you are just saying words. And people know when the words you are saying have real feeling and meaning behind them. It is so useful for us to simply focus on taking deliberate action. Through those actions we come to know ourselves in a deeper, truer way. Through those actions we are serving, loving, and being present with others. As a result we become a community. We are connected, we are kind, and we are radiating joy in all we do!

You want to feel useful? You want purpose? Go be a blessing in the world and happiness will soon be at your heels.

Feng Shui helps get you there faster. When you are lined up with the physical vibration that supports your life, you feel better, more confident, and more useful. You start to become more of who you are and, in turn, become more valuable because what you are radiating is something that everyone wants. Those feelings are not manufactured or forced. Then whatever you are doing to be useful becomes really needed, wanted, and desired by other people.

You don’t have to struggle to feel useful. Allowing your environment to help support you makes it easier for you to be the most useful you that you can be!

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